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Robert Esau-Rutherford

I began collecting at 12 years old (1983) and instantly became excited about the value these hobbies had the potential to become. I traded ball cards with other kids from the neighborhood and constantly made trips between comic shops in my home town of Wichita, Kansas. As a kid I loved the smell of old comics. Whenever I come across certain comic books today (1970's or older) I still raise the book to my nose and smell them. Oh, the childhood memories do these small things bring.

It was like finding buried treasure as I rummaged through bags of old stamps and coffee cans of wheat pennies that my Grandparents had stashed in their back sewing room. I remember the Star Wars action figures and playsets that lined my bedroom shelves. My friends and I would play with these toys for hours as we imagined new worlds and adventures. Some of my favorite comicbooks were Groo the Wanderer, X-Men and Firestorm. I would read the stories and fantasize about having superpowers of my own someday and what I would do with them. Of course, I also wanted to be a Major League Baseball player.

During my early teen years I was introduced to the Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game and I have been a TSR fan since. Years later there was the Spellfire CCG and Dragon Dice games also produced by TSR. I still wish that Wizards of the Coast had not bought TSR.

My love for science fiction has always been equally as vast ... with such sci-fi greats as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stargate and even the original Battlestar Galactica. I love to offer terrific deals and visit with the patrons that keep these collectibles alive.

John Fincher

I started reading comic books at an early age. I had a bunch of Silver Age comics that were hand me downs. Batman, Superman, Justice League of America from the early 60's. I cut my teeth on those crazy, cool stories and that is why I enjoy the old stuff so much more than the new style. I started buying new comics in the 70's from the QuikTrip by my house. Spectacular Spiderman number 8 was one of the first ones I remember buying. As much as I love the hero books, my favorite comic book series is Tomb of Dracula. I started collecting Comics, Toys and things from Doctor Who in the 80's and have never stopped.